ゆうやけこやけの赤とんぼ 負われて見たのはいつの日か


大きく変わりました。 こんな時だからこそ、ひとりひとりの心のふるさとを
「ふるさとへの想い」を赤とんぼ ロゴマークで作りました。


一日も早い事態の終息を願い、うれしい再会の 時を待っています。

ハッシュタグ #stayhomesaveTATSUNO タグ付け投稿をしていただき、
Instagramや Twitter等のSNSで想い集めます。

“Red dragonflies at sunset, red in the afterglow. Could it be the last time
I saw their flight, I was a child?” (The first line from the song “Akatonbo”.)

Tatsuno is located in Southwest of Hyogo, the place where
“Akatonbo (Red Dragonfly)” the famous nursery rhyme was born.
It is a song that sings about the original landscape of Japan.
In the spring of 2020, we see the landscape of Tatsuno has not changed, flowers bloom
spreading all over, hummingbirds sing by the crystal clear stream of Ibo river,
Seto Inland Sea gently shines and cherry trees at the castle were in full bloom.

Meanwhile COVID19 has suddenly struck people all over the world.
No one has ever faced or experienced such a tragedy before,
and it has changed how we connect with others drastically.
Now more than ever, as a community we must nurture our love
for Tatsuno and overcome this difficult time together.
We have created a symbol that represents our love for Tatsuno.

We kindly ask that you stay home and refrain from sightseeing or returning
to your hometown in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Please feel free to express your thought or love for Tatsuno by using this symbol.
We wish you, your family and friends the very best of health.

We pray this crisis will end quickly, and we are looking forward
to seeing you again here in Tatsuno.

Please share your pictures of Tatsuno on Instagram or other SNS with the following hashtag:


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スマホの場合→画像を長押しして画像保存を選択、パソコンの場合→ 右クリック (win) 、control+クリック (mac) で画像保存



Smartphone: Hold image and download
Windows: Save image with right-click
Mac: Save image with control + click

Apps for inserting the symbol to image will be here, “MOLDIV”, “LINECAMERA”, or “写真を合成”.

*Users with private settings on instagram will not appear on this page.

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